The Exec Circle – A Mastermind For Executives Making Career Moves

Job seeking has changed radically over the last decade – statistically job seekers have less than a one percent chance of securing their next role though an advertisement.

As recruitment methods change, so have professionals’ career paths, with the average changing jobs ten to fifteen times during their career (a number that is expected to continue to rise).

A job change is among life’s most stressful events. While most job seekers move jobs within eight weeks, executives can spend six to twelve months in the job market.

Add to that the intensification in frequency of corporate restructuring, the rise of the hidden job market, the necessity for portfolio careers and the ageing workforce, executives need more support than ever to manage their careers.

If jobs are no longer found through traditional advertising and jobs board, where are they? Savvy executives have realised that success in securing a coveted position needs a strategic, deliberate approach.

Nine years ago, I founded Elite Human Capital, an executive recruitment and career coaching business, built upon five years in executive recruitment in the US, UK and Australia.

Through my fourteen years of executive recruitment and coaching, reviewing over 20,000 resumes, interviewing 1000’s candidates and keeping abreast of changing market conditions, I have gained an in-depth understanding into the increasing time and energy professionals spend when transitioning roles.

In working with my clients, I came to pinpoint the critical success factors for radically improving their capacity to secure the career advancement they were seeking.

These insights and understandings have uniquely equipped me to partner with companies to identify and hire the right talent, as well as supporting executives identify their “why” and road map to their next position.

I am proud of the difference I make to companies and executives when my expertise and support results in an ideal match being made. For an insight into what my previous clients say about my career coaching work please visit my testimonials page

My career in the recruitment field has highlighted to me that, while the avenues for securing executive level positions has radically changed, executives have not had access to the skill-building and support needed to allow them to confidently seek and secure career advancement.

Drawing on my understanding of how to best support executives to manage their careers, I have developed an online program to create a greater value proposition for busy executives making career moves.

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This platform combines online training and resources, guest expert presentations, peer support through a professionally coached mastermind group, professional assistance with the development of resume, cover letters and LinkedIn Profile, along with monthly 1:1 coaching. This intense support undertaken in five week ‘sprints’ has been specifically designed to significantly shorten the job seeking learning curve for executives, as well as with providing professional advice and emotional support during an intense period.

This will appeal most to mid-late career professionals who are keen to take the next step and have experienced frustration in securing a position they aspire to. They are ready to upskill and want to be better prepared for modern recruitment practices.

A key aim of The Exec Circle is to foster long-term relationships creating a community of clients who develop mutually beneficial peer-to-peer relationships rather than the very transactional and short-term nature and focus of a majority of recruitment and career management companies.

The Exec Circle’s community approach increases the likelihood of participants either staying engaged directly in the program in order to network with and support other executives on a career development pathway, or returning each time they are ready to enter into a career transition.

This community focus also is likely to generate higher engagement levels, with the value and human connection of the offering being far greater than the transactional approach of recruitment agencies. They are participating in an experience and a community, rather than just a service.

As it develops, I can see opportunities to expand the offering, both in terms of the depth of support during career transitions and with regards to career support and networking. Over time, The Exec Circle will become an indispensable resource for executives in their career progression.

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