Inspirational Career Quotes and Video’s

We have compiled a page of inspirational career related quotes, articles and video’s on the website here.



Here’s our favourite podcasts!



Great reads for your career and life.


Job Market Salaries, Remuneration Surveys and Compensation Calculators

We have compiled a handy list of websites to help you research and benchmark your remuneration.


Personality and Current State Tests

Strengths Finder

Produced by Gallup Group, Strengths Finder is one of our favourite assessment tools.

Myers Briggs

You can do the 64 question test for free from Humanmetrics here


Myers Briggs test by here

DISC Profile

Normally $250, Tony Robbins provides DISC for free when you register with his site.

Happiness, Emotion, Life Satisfaction and Meaning Questionnaires

The University of Pennsylvania have a Questionnaire Center. You simply register for an account and choose which tests you’d like to do, they are all free.


Psychometric Tests

Here is a list of websites with practice tests and information for preparing for psychometric testing. 



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