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50 per cent to 80 per cent of job openings are never advertised.

My ebook explains practical ways to spot job opportunities, as well as get found for job openings in the hidden job market where the majority of new positions exist.

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Chapter 1 – Career Management_Access the Hidden Job Market

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► Easy to read format with full colour graphics and diagrams of important concepts to aid in your learning.

► Handy electronic format that can be accesses on virtually any tablet, smartphone, or computer.

► The most cutting edge expertise for job seekers from an experienced executive recruiter.

► Time saving resources to help you develop an efficient job search method.


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Recruiters vie each other for the best talent in the business, yet even those professionals with amazing profiles may be overlooked because they don’t know how to be found, don’t network effectively or misunderstand how the hidden job market operates.

Getting ahead of the competition requires a thorough knowledge of how companies source talent. And that’s what this book is all about. It gives you insider tools with expertise offered by a seasoned recruiter on the hiring process so that you can tap into that otherwise concealed pool of jobs to manoeuver smartly into your next position.

Retool to conduct smarter job searches. Forget about applying to hundreds of job ads. Doing so is a guaranteed way for you to miss the opportunities that exist in the much larger, more exciting world of career opportunities.

Instead, find out why job applications are the low odds way to look for employment and discover how you can retool to engage in more strategic job search activity to get the job you seek.

Whether you’re in resources, health care, technology, biotech, manufacturing, or business, you’ll find the latest time-saving advice to help you develop a strategy that will progress your career.

From C-level to specialist roles, you will benefit from the advice found in the pages of this ebook.

Praise for the ebook Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market

“I found your book valuable and informative. I have also implemented a number of your tips as I progressed. It’s been an interesting and exciting ride this year, thanks for the book.”  CEO

“Many people wonder why ‘I’ was not shortlisted for a job interview or why was ‘I’ not selected? With insights from several different perspectives, this book which is very easy to read, is full of good information, tips and tactics peppered with rich examples that will help job seekers.”  Project Manager

“I have read your book Shireen, and it does explain very well how the jobs market has changed with technology. Everyone looking to get his head around the next career move can get a great deal of practical tips from this book. Great work.”  Head of IT Systems

“Thanks Shireen, I have just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your source of reference is broad and well researched and your willingness to share thoughts, theories and experience is generous. I hadn’t realised how out of currency as a (slightly sheepish career mover!) I had become and now armed with several “To do lists” of books to read, research to do and re-writes to perform I am off to polish my Mojo! Much appreciated and look forward to the next.”  Human Resources Advisor

“The book is useful because it provides guidance along with relevant real life examples. The book is easy to read. I love the format especially the explanations with diagrams and graphics.”  Recruitment Consultant

“Thanks for producing a high quality book full of ways to find my next job.”  Geologist

“Thanks so much, it’s such a comprehensive book.”  Lecturer

“Your book certainly brought to my attention the need to continually self-assess one’s value to an organisation. I concur with your opinion on the strength of your network and how your career is underpinned by the strength and value of your ‘real’ network. In particular how strong the relationships in your network are at any point in time and how well these might relate to progressing ones career. I particularly liked the number of real life scenarios / quotes and how they relate to my personal goal of progressing my own career at this time – the reader can pick up the book at any page and read something of relevance. I will continue to refer to your book because there’s so much useful, relevant and thought provoking material. Thanks.”  Senior Engineer

“I think that the book is really well laid out, it is easy to read and is concise and to the point. This is important because as a jobseeker or someone who is actively investigating opportunities on the job market , the last thing you want to do is take a week to read a book to get some clarity on where to start and how to continue in a job search. That just allows and encourages further procrastination. Your book successfully lays out the basic steps to understanding and penetrating the hidden job market, highlighting all the required and important steps as well as how to keep a good attitude and the importance of doing so. It is motivating because you have highlighted that people get jobs all the time  – but only when they look for one in the right way! What is good, is that everyone knows that the hidden market exists, but your book focuses on shifting the mentality of the job searcher to adjust their job searching methods accordingly. For me, it sat me down and forced my mind on the subject for one whole day. Normally I am pushing my job search to the bottom of my priorities as it seems too hard or less important than other tasks. What I liked was that it created a great structure for me to make my own individual plan for what I want for me and my career. I started at the end and worked my way to now, so that my next move is obviously putting me on the right path.”  Masters Student

“I have been working my way through your book during what has been a very busy time. Initially I was overwhelmed that the reality is that one needs to be a professional job applicant to secure a job in today’s market. I even felt incredibly intimidated about how to raise my profile. As I have allowed the messages to sink in, I am beginning to feel more confident in applying your suggestions. Overall the writing is clear and very easy to read. It’s more like a conversation with a wise sage than a textbook.”  Senior Scientific Officer

“I just wanted to get back to you to thank you for sending me through your career management book – I found it very helpful in building an understanding about the job market and having faith that just because currently i couldn’t find something doesn’t necessarily mean that I wouldn’t find something at all.

With that being said, I was informed today that I will be starting my new position as a full-time junior sales consultant in the CBD, starting early January. This will enable me to work towards my career goals of developing into a  senior sales partner with the dream of one day being executive.

I just wanted to say thank you for your support, knowledge and advice – it went a long way.” Sales Executive

“Hi Shireen,

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the advice given in your book (Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market). Looking back on my job hunt, reading your book definitely was a turning point for me. Prior to it I would simply write a cover letter, attach my CV, sent it all in, sit back and hope for the best. After reading your book I made a point of researching the advertised positions more thoroughly and to call the hiring company with a few questions about the advertised job. I also used LinkedIn to find out more about who is who at the company and to find a contact person when the advertisement did not have a contact number. What you wrote in your book made total sense, and, although perhaps not everything was entirely new to me, it provided me with a new strategy and optimism. Job hunting even became fun in the end!

All in all after my redundancy I have been unemployed for 6 months (admittedly my family and I also travelled for 3 months through Australia). I probably did about 20 job applications before I read your book with 3 interviews and 0 site visits. After reading your book I did about 10 applications, with 5 interviews, 4 site visits (of which I cancelled one as I already signed an offer), and 3 excellent job offers! So even though the job market is rather slow, there are plenty of opportunities for those with the skills and experience, and the right approach.

I made a lot of interesting observations too during the whole process. I joked to my wife that I should write a book myself about it! In any case, once again a sincere Thank You!”  Operations Manager

“Shireen, happy new year. thanks for the book. It has been really helpful as I am not the kind of person who has managed my career at all, nor faced unemployment since I was out of high school. But as you say the world has changed and so must we.” Vice President of Finance

“I read your book recently and found it incredibly helpful during my job search. I have recommended it to friends as well. Very practical advice to get anyone through a tough and trying transition. Thank you for putting it out there!” Director of Nursing

“I’ve read your e-book. It is terrific with great pointers and reminders on putting the best foot forward. It’s also comforting to know I am on the right track, just have to keep going. Thank you for sharing!”  Management Consultant – Sustainability Strategy

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