Career Management: Common Interview Questions and Advanced Interview Skills ebook

Common Job Interview Questions coverAttending a job interview can strike fear into the heart of even the bravest and most experienced professional!

Throughout my recruiting and career-coaching work I’ve heard candidates express a range of fears about interviews, which is totally understandable given the gravity of the event.

Here are some of the concerns I’ve heard from candidates:

  • How do I get the depth of my knowledge across to the interviewer?
  • What if I get tongue-tied or freeze up?
  • How will I manage my anxiety/fear/sweaty palms?
  • What if I say too much, not enough or the wrong thing?
  • What if they think I’m under-qualified/over qualified?
  • How do I answer a behavioural interview question?

This Interview Skills ebook will help you:

    • Better prepare in advance for your next interview.
    • Overcome fears, nerves, anxiety or concerns.
    • Respond to expected questions brilliantly by planning and rehearsing your answers in advance.
    • Handle unexpected questions well by giving clear and compelling answers.
    • Learn the different types of questions (behavioural, situational, competency, technical, personality, leadership and management, communication, motivation, innovation, values and culture fit, discriminatory and others) so you know how best to answer each type.
    • Be more likeable by the hiring decision-makers.
    • Take a broader view of interviewing so it’s more of a two-way discussion rather than you sitting in the hot seat under the interrogation ‘lights’.

Praise for the ebook Career Management: Common Interview Questions and Advanced Interview Techniques

“Shireen’s list of common interview questions is nothing short of comprehensive and will give you plenty of practice to ensure you’re well-prepared for anything that may be asked.”  Senior Consultant

“I loved the overall flow of the book. And questions like “What can you teach us” are things I thought we unique to my organisation. Thanks for putting it down. You have given enough importance on “What Not to do” as well. There are a lot of books which give prescriptions, I feel this is just apt! This is a good read for both a candidate and an interviewer!! Good insights, worth every minute spent!” Manager

“As usual Shireen has outdone herself. This e-book is a definite ‘must-have’ for anyone involved in the interview process. Written in an easy to read style, it covers all of the important ‘must-do’s’ for any interview.” Job seeker

“It’s fantastic how Shireen could write a so rich content book in a succinct way. She reveals the foggy side (in interviewees eyes) of the interviewing process. I recommend this book.” IT Professional

“I work as a Quality Compliance Specialist and found that the book very thoroughly provides numerous possible interview questions for a variety of fields which is extremely though provoking and helpful in preparing for interviews. It further mentioned a lot of tips for body language, dress code and general self awareness in interviews. This book was to the point and did not unnecessarily ramble.” Quality Compliance Specialist

“Shireen’s invaluable and extensive knowledge and expertise in this area is paramount in this eBook. I found it extremely well written, easily understood and capturing all the needful points required to improve and enhance you interview opportunities. Whether you are beginning your career or vastly experienced, this book will provide some guidance and assistance.”  General Manager

“Shireen’s eBook provides a reference to a comprehensive range of interview questions plus examples of how to respond. The questions are categorised so that its clear why they are being asked and how you should prepare answers.” Evaluation Adviser

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