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Have you heard about podcasts?

I used to dislike travelling in the car to get to work meetings, run errands or to transport family members. It always felt like wasted time.

I love listening to music when driving although constantly flip channels to get away from advertisements, and, due to my wide ranging music interests I haven’t gotten around to putting favourites on a playlist to play in the car.

Recently my car drudgery turned into enjoyment when I found podcasts. I’ve discovered a whole world of awesome content that makes my car time useful. Now I actually look forward to driving trips as I can learn and think about concepts on the move. The combination of old school transport and new school technology rocks!

I love listening to podcasts! I also listen when I’m exercising, cleaning, cooking or resting. Here’s my fav’s:

Tony Robbins Podcast Webpage – Tony Robbins is a performance coach, author and speaker.

Dr Linda Tucker “Challenge Your Thinking” Podcast Webpage – Dr Linda Tucker is a San Francisco based psychotherapist.

Rich Roll Podcast Webpage – Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete and wellness evangelist, amongst other things!

EOFire – John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson run EOFire, a community for entrepreneurs.

Mark Divine “Unbeatable Mind” and “SealFit” Podcast Webpage – Mark Divine is an ex Navy Seal.

Ali Hill “Stand Out Life” Podcast Webpage – Ali Hill is a Brisbane based psychologist and author.

Farnoosh Torabi “So Money” Podcast Webpage – Farnoosh Torabi is a financial correspondent and author.

The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast Webpage – Time Ferriss is an author and self labeled human guinea pig.

Whitney Johnson “Disrupt Yourself” Podcast Webpage  – Whitney Johnson is an author and career change expert.

Jenny Blake “Pivot” Podcast Webpage – Jenny Blake is an author and ex Google careers advisor.

Do you like to read as well? Check out the books I recommend too.

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