Have you heard any good podcasts recently? Below are podcasts that I listen to or have been recommended to me.

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Shireen DuPreez, Director and Principal


Business, Management and Leadership

HBR Idea Cast

The Inner Chief



Personal Development and Mindset

The Happiness Lab

The Expansive

Impact Theory

On Being

Tony Robbins

School of Greatness


Finance, Money and Investing

NPR’s Planet Money

The Indicator from Planet Money

The Money Cafe


Chorus Voices

Ear Hustle


The Knowledge Project

Chase Jarvis Live

Freakonomics Radio

American Scandal

TED Radio Hour

Radio Lab

This is Love


Culture Bites

HBR After Hours

Constructing You

Hardcore History

NPR The Indicator

Casa de Cambio




2018 and 2019

Tony Robbins Podcast Webpage – Tony Robbins is a performance coach, author and speaker.

Dr Linda Tucker “Challenge Your Thinking” Podcast Webpage – Dr Linda Tucker is a San Francisco based psychotherapist.

Rich Roll Podcast Webpage – Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete and wellness evangelist, amongst other things!

EOFire – John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson run EOFire, a community for entrepreneurs.

Mark Divine “Unbeatable Mind” and “SealFit” Podcast Webpage – Mark Divine is an ex Navy Seal.

Ali Hill “Stand Out Life” Podcast Webpage – Ali Hill is a Brisbane based psychologist and author.

Farnoosh Torabi “So Money” Podcast Webpage – Farnoosh Torabi is a financial correspondent and author.

The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast Webpage – Time Ferriss is an author and self labeled human guinea pig.

Whitney Johnson “Disrupt Yourself” Podcast Webpage  – Whitney Johnson is an author and career change expert.

Jenny Blake “Pivot” Podcast Webpage – Jenny Blake is an author and ex Google careers advisor.

Also check out the books I recommend.

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