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“Shireen has partnered with us over the last six years to ensure that our recruitment needs are met not only by sourcing suitable candidates to meet our needs at a point in time; but sourcing quality candidates that have long term potential in our business. I would recommend Shireen as she provides a great outcome for the employer but also has excellent candidate care.” Client

“It was a real pleasure to work with Shireen during the recruitment process for my current position. I found her to be very engaging, informative, professional and responsive. Unlike the recruitment processes I have been involved in for previous and similar roles within other companies, I found Shireen’s to be very personal, thorough and the most complex; which I believe only helps to strengthen the chances of a positive/suitable match between candidates and available roles. I hope to work with Shireen again in the future.” Candidate

“Most thorough and professional.” Client

“Shireen has great industry knowledge and is very easy to deal with.” Candidate who became a client

“Shireen was always very professional and clients valued her attention to detail and recommendations based on her search experience.”  Former colleague

“Thanks for all of the good work that you have done over the last couple of years with recruiting some great people for the project team.” Client

“On a personal note, I want to thank you for your professionalism and your concern and passion as a recruiter. I appreciate your focus on detail.”  Candidate

“Shireen was extremely professional to deal with and kept me updated throughout the entire recruitment process. It was refreshing to deal with someone who knew their client’s business so well, communicated regularly and provided open feedback. It made a great first impression for the company I was about to join.” Candidate

“Shireen has shown exceptional skills in her ability to use search to generate strong shortlists for clients. As well as this, her ability to intelligently consult with clients through a process stood out. She shows determination, persistence and desire to come up with the result for the client.” Former employer

“Shireen provided very professional recruitment services to myself (a candidate). She kept me constantly up to date about the process and was available to answer queries as needed. Her professionalism for her work is reflected in her thorough and in-depth approach. Shireen was very friendly and pleasant to deal with.” Candidate

“Thanks very much again for the recruitment process you ran, all the candidates you arranged for me to meet were suitable, your process made the entire process very easy for me and I appreciate your support, efforts and the successful outcome.Client

“It’s been great dealing with you, excellent level of service. All went smoothly and timely, an impressive level of candidates was put forward, and we picked the best of them.” Client

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your help during this long process and being the all important cog in the wheel that has brought me to this new position. I greatly appreciate your efforts.” Candidate

“As a HR professional, I understand the importance of the initial recruitment of an employee for setting the tone and sending the potential employee a positive and professional message about the company. Shireen does this to the highest standard and as a client and a candidate, I would recommend getting her involved in any aspect where a professional, respectful and timely approach is required.” Candidate who became a client

“Just wanted to say thanks for the kindness and support you have shown me the past few months. I have not found anyone who has been as thoughtful and professional in my search for a job.” Candidate

“It was a very smooth & professional recruitment experience due in no small part to your input.  Indeed I have a very good feeling about this job and about the company, and yes my wife and kids are also very happy.” Candidate

“Thank you so much for pushing me through. You have been very consistent and very professional. You just know when someone goes in to bat for you, feels good. Thank you.” Candidate

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ben and you for the way in which this process was managed. I really appreciate your consideration and respect for the candidates, as well as the feedback in each step of the process. I must say this has been the best recruitment experience I have had in my 10+ years’ professional experience. I hope every recruitment process was managed like you have.” Candidate

“If I can offer some feedback to you, it is to say your candidate care is well above average and greatly appreciated. I do hope your clients realise your operating style and professionalism is very unique to other recruiters. 9 out of 10 times no feedback is provided let alone advice of the outcome.

Keep doing what you are doing, it restores a little faith in the industry.” Candidate

“I would very much like to offer the following, given the exceptional way in which I was guided through the process of selection for my new role. Shireen’s ‘candidate care’ was second to none. Having dealt with many ‘so-called’ recruitment ‘professionals’ over my 25 year career, Shireen stands well above any and all other recruitment professionals. She is a “genuine” and consummate professional and kept me not only informed of every step but gave sound and valuable advice for what has become the most important role of my career! Thank you SO very much Shireen, you’re indeed, an exceptional recruitment professional and I genuinely hope that I and we, can utilise your skills again.” Candidate

“You have exceeded my expectations with this role at [client], the service you provided me with was exceptional. I felt informed throughout each stage of the process and really appreciate your ongoing responsiveness to my personal situation. For this, my family also thank you.” Candidate

Career Coaching and Outplacement

“I would highly recommend Shireen to anyone looking to take their interview performance to the next level. As well as providing a strong sounding board to focus and refine my preparation, I found her strategies for acting with greater impact and engaging the audience to be a source of advantage. While it may have taken a leap of faith to seek out coaching in the first place, I am really glad that I did and would encourage others to step up as well. You won’t regret it.” Client

“It is so very difficult when searching for a senior role for yourself to get competent unbiased feedback on your resume, interview technique and approach. Unfortunately, and with good reason, most recruiters cannot provide honest and direct feedback on why you weren’t chosen for a role. This makes it difficult to identify areas for improvement and take action. After struggling with a number of failed attempts to secure my desired role, I decided to seek professional help and Shireen was recommended by a colleague.

Shireen was instrumental in building my confidence in my resume, reconfiguring my LinkedIn profile and helping me identify several issues in the language I was using to communicate in interviews. She provided me with tools to assist developing my brand and coached me through a mock interview. The experience was sometimes confronting, but Shireen courageously and competently guided me to an understanding of what I was poorly projecting and how best to develop a better way to truly show my authentic self with the utmost of integrity. I can’t thank her enough for this insight and ultimately, success, in securing the role I wanted.” Client

“Although coming from a background in recruitment Shireen is not only a very effective career coach, but also a very effective life coach. Shireen’s career resources library, her analytical thinking, and her empathy are all valued, and I believe will help prospective clients in their professional and personal lives.” Client

“Shireen is a knowledgeable, professional and inspirational business coach I had the pleasure of working with over four sessions. Having been out of the workforce for quite some time on a career break, Shireen’s advice and guidance on areas such as the hidden job market and the importance of building networks was invaluable. In particular, Shireen’s ability to listen and really understand the matter at hand helped me to regain my confidence and really analyse the direction I wanted to take my future career. I looked forward to each session and left feeling energised and focussed. This whole process has given me the tools and confidence to focus on a different career path, something I don’t believe I would have had the ability to do had I not engaged her services. I would highly recommend her services to anyone requiring business coaching.” Client

“I thought your ebooks were really good and I’ve been recommending them and yourself to clients who need some resume refinement.” Contact


Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the advice you gave me in our first session.

After I tweaked my LinkedIn profile and posted a recent graduation photo I’ve had 173 people view the post and 43 profile views. I’m somewhat stunned. Sound advice – thank you.” Client

“Shireen gave me relevant and practical insights, supporting my transition from employment to developing my own business and self marketing. I appreciate her relaxed, understanding and professional approach.” Client

“A couple of years ago, Shireen supported me during a recruitment process from candidate to employee with impeccable work ethics, very professional approach and delivered an outstanding service until I was well settled in my job. For the coming years, I continued following her great insight advice on employability improvements and her wealth of knowledge about job market trends and modern job hunting techniques. Recently, I have encountered some difficulties in my career progression and have sought her professional advice. As I expected, Shireen was very attentive to my concerns and provided me with very practical guidance and recommendations that did help me to regain my confidence. Also, she has significantly assisted me to improve my personal branding and Linkedin profile. I very much appreciate her approachable style and dealing with her has been a pleasure.”  Client

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s session, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The coaching was invaluable (with lots to think about and do!).  Your material is so thorough and helpful.” Client

“Shireen did a fantastic job in supporting me in the redefinition of my career after a redundancy. She is a great listener. Shireen’s advice is practical, relevant and to the point. I appreciate her relaxed, personable and professional style, and her availability. I would recommend her anytime to executives in a similar situation.” Client

“I made the right move and grateful for your help to get me here! I think about you often and am so proud and grateful of where I have landed with your support.”Client

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work and assistance you have provided it has been tremendously valuable and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my contacts.” Client

“Got the job, and negotiated an extra $5k. With the salary sacrificing options on offer, I’m very pleased with the net outcome. Thanks again for your help and support along the way! I’ll happily recommend you to colleagues and friends, and may well be in touch down the track to upskill further” Client

“Shireen is extremely good value on career guidance and training. I was impressed enough to ask my teenage son to spend few hours with her. It was heartening to see how his attitudes changed for the positive.” Client

“I gained great value from Shireen’s positive warm approach as well as her expertise in rebranding myself for the future workforce. I recommend her services unreservedly.” Client

“Many thanks for the assistance you have provided me over the past few weeks, the depth of your knowledge is impressive and I am sure I will benefit from this going forward.  I have a strategy to move forward now.” Client

“Shireen was recommended to me by a friend. She provided targeted and relevant coaching to assist me with interview preparation for executive roles. Her insights, manner and approach was exactly what I was seeking. She helped to improve my confidence and ensure I was ready for my next interview. Her online resources are very helpful and practical.” Client

“Thank you for your time in the great session this afternoon, you make difficult things easy for me.” Client

“Shireen had strategic clear insightful advice and feedback.” Client


“Just a quick email to thank you again for being one of our fabulous speakers at the Perth event last week.  Having been to a number of the summits and other HR events previously, I know how important quality speakers are and you brought not only a level of expertise to your session but also professionalism that engaged the audience.” Event organiser