Career Management: Resume Guide and Resume Templates ebook

Resume Guide coverAs an experienced Executive Search Consultant, Recruitment Advisor and Career Coach I have a wealth of information to offer you.

I’ve read thousands of resumes and advised hiring managers on which applicants to select.

I understand the ‘look and feel’ of a winning CV.

Through my experience and intensive research I’ve learned the best ways to write a resume and how not to write a resume, which I now share with you in this eBook.

Your resume creates an immediate impression – either positive or negative.

In the early stage of a recruitment process I screen out unsuitable resumes because my role is to save the hiring manager time.

If a candidate can’t follow the basic rules of how to complete a resume, then I take the view that there is a strong likelihood they will not follow the rules at work. I’ve had a few rare exceptions to this. In one case a candidate with an unusual resume was progressed to phone interview, however they weren’t hired for the job.

This ebook provides insider advice and contains downloadable resume templates in Word format which you can easily edit.

Create a winning CV. Save yourself time and frustration by purchasing this easy to use guide.

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Praise for the eBook Career Management: Resume Guide and Resume Templates

“Without reinventing the wheel, Shireen provides key advice on how to create an efficient resume.” Chief Financial Officer

“I would definitely recommend this book to active job seekers in the market who might not be aware how a resume should look like. It contains a comprehensive list of action words for creating an early impression on hiring manager. Overall a one stop destination for all your resume related queries.” Engineer

“The section on highlighting achievements is helpful.” Job seeker

“Your resume guide is a good read; nice and tight.” Entrepreneur

“Shireen Dupreez’s Resume Guide is full of useful tips and advice that can be applied to any resume. When applying for jobs, I now have added confidence that I am presenting my best professional self.” Project Manager

“Shireen has many years of experience as a recruiter and shares first hand, up-to-date tips on developing a successful resume.” Diversity and Career Consultant

Available now via Amazon:

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