Boards, companies, organisations and high net worth clients engage us to access talent that is hard to find.

Highly networked and by using a proven method, Elite Human Capital delivers curated potential candidate lists so you can choose the best person for your position.

We are retained on an exclusive basis to protect your reputation and to ensure high levels of candidate care throughout the process.

Shireen DuPreez

All assignments are led by Elite Human Capital Founder and Principal Shireen DuPreez.

Shireen started in executive search in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005. Since then she has conducted assignments in the US, UK, Australia for organisations of varying sizes including startups, US Fortune 500, ASX 100 and global multinationals.

Why use a search approach?

The success of an organisation is determined by the quality of talent they can attract and retain.

With only about 20% of potential candidates active in the marketplace, employers miss out on high calibre talent unless they undertake a rigorous executive search process to uncover passive candidates.


Top candidates are not necessarily scouring job advertisements; they need to be made aware of career opportunities and invited to consider the opening. A recruitment process that includes executive search gives a company the competitive edge because it locates and engages with top tier performers.

The primary difference in approach from traditional recruitment methods to an executive search process is that the recruitment model places advertisements and taps existing networks, in essence it ‘hopes’ the right person will apply. Whereas the search approach conducts research, goes out and finds the right people for the role. In areas where candidates are in short supply, the candidate occupies a position of power – although some don’t realise it! Search consultants work hard to find and attract desirable candidates into the recruitment process.


Other benefits of an executive search and recruitment approach:

  • Access a larger proportion of the candidate marketplace by using a search and advertised approach, therefore increasing your chances of finding the right candidate.
  • The cost of a bad hire is significant and has lasting ramifications. Reduce your risk of a bad hire by undertaking a thorough search and selection process, which can save you time and money in the long term.
  • A rigorous, transparent process with regular reporting means you can be reassured by the quality and depth of the work undertaken. Regular feedback ensures your needs are being heard.
  • Gain valuable competitive information along the way through the market intelligence discovered in the search process.

Examples of executive search and recruitment assignment experience

– Non- Executive Director

– Director

– Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

– Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

– Vice President (VP)

– Regional Manager Asia Pacific

– Country Manager Australia

– General Manager (GM)

– Head of HR

– Project Manager

– Faculty Dean

– Global Product Manager

– Commercial Manager

– Engineering Manager

– Principal

– Senior Advisor

– Technical Leader


“The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings”

Alfred Marshall, Principles of Economics.


Standard Process

A standard executive search and recruitment process will take 4 – 6 weeks to ensure a strong lineup of contenders and a robust, informed hiring process.


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Tailored Executive Search and Talent Acquisition Services

Our services are available for full end-to-end delivery or unbundled part process. This may include any or all of the following:

  • Passive candidate lists.
  • Market mapping.
  • Resume sorting.
  • Candidate management.
  • Coaching hiring managers.
  • Attending interviews.
  • Reference checking.
  • Job offer negotiations.
  • Market intelligence.

Your time is important. Our focus is to help you hire a top-quality team member in the shortest time possible.


“Thanks for all of the good work that you have done over the last couple of years with recruiting some great people for the project team.” Client

“As a HR professional, I understand the importance of the initial recruitment of an employee for setting the tone and sending the potential employee a positive and professional message about the company. Shireen does this to the highest standard and as a client and a candidate, I would recommend getting her involved in any aspect where a professional, respectful and timely approach is required.” Candidate who became a client

“I have had the opportunity to work with Shireen on a number of recruitment campaigns since she started as a service provider for our company in 2010. Shireen’s commitment to understanding the requirements of the role and also her knowledge of the culture of our organisation has meant that the process is streamlined and efficient and results in the placement of the best candidate. More recently, Shireen assisted in the recruitment of multiple roles in different locations simultaneously. These roles had a high volume of applications, which Shireen managed seamlessly, ensuring that we were able to focus our time on best candidates through the process.” Client

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