Job searching is a significant challenge for any director, executive or professional. A career change can be unsettling, make a person fearful and give them a sense they don’t have control over their life or future. It may have been a while since they looked for a new role and their job search skills could be out of date.

Through our experienced and well-connected career coaches, we are able to help your departing directors, executives and professionals to move successfully to their next position while maintaining goodwill towards your organisation.

Employer Brand and Goodwill

We understand the manner in which people leave an organisation can have a noticeable impact on the reputation of all parties involved. Every former employee is a potential future client, brand advocate or detractor.

Smoother Transition

Restructuring due to market realities, unfortunately, a substantial challenge for employers and employees. We are here to help you respond effectively, reduce risk and make workplace transitions as smooth as possible.


We can offer support for the individual to transition out of the organisation with dignity, respect and with access to appropriate assistance. We provide one on one assistance in preparing for and going through a career move to help the individual to find the right position faster and easier.

Tailored Approach

We tailor our approach based on the needs of each person, providing personalised support during a difficult and critical time period when they are experiencing heightened emotions.

Essential Coaching and Feedback

Throughout the program we have ongoing coaching available, providing important feedback to the individual. This is via face to face meetings (if requested), video, phone and email.

Comprehensive Resources

The program includes access to innovative and comprehensive digital resources including career assessments, templates, eBooks, spreadsheets as well as a self-paced online course for skills development.

The Hidden Job Market

In today’s employment market most positions are in the hidden job market. Our coaches have targeted advice on how to access these hidden jobs and can deliver current local market information.

About Shireen DuPreez, Executive Recruiter and Career Coach

Shireen DuPreez profile pictureI have been recruiting and providing career advice for more than 15 years.

I am a published author on executive search, recruitment and career management and I stay up-to-date with the latest research.

I have worked in the US, UK and Australia across a range of industries. My geographically broad and cross-industry knowledge of labour markets can help clients with segmenting where to target job search efforts.

Networking is bread and butter in my business. I have developed a large network which is an asset to my clients.

Over my the course of my career I have reviewed more than 20,000 resumes, interviewed 1,000’s of candidates, filled more than 200+ positions and coached 100+ job seekers. Through my experience, I’ve developed techniques that help save time and reduce stress to help people get hired. I have a proven track record of helping directors, executives and professionals with preparing for and making career moves into new rewarding positions.


To find out about the individual packages available visit this webpage.

Pricing for organisations is dependent on the number of people, packages are below:


A. Career Coaching and Personal Branding Package

For Director/Executive/Manager level positions.

  • 6 x career and executive coaching sessions within 6 months.
  • Optional assessments and career exploration process.
  • Full resume, cover letter and LinkedIn makeover.
  • Target company list development.
  • Assistance with job applications. On-call phone and email support.
  • Access to career resources library which includes eBooks, online course, spreadsheets, tools and templates.
  • Sessions are offered in-person, video or phone.


B. Career Coaching and Personal Branding Package

For Professional/Technical/Blue Collar level positions.

  • 4 x career coaching sessions within 3 months.
  • Optional assessments and career exploration process.
  • Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn review.
  • Target company list development.
  • Assistance with job applications.
  • On-call phone and email support.
  • Access to career resources library which includes eBooks, online course, spreadsheets, tools and templates.
  • Sessions are offered in-person, video or phone.


C. Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Review Package

For any level position.

  • 2 x career coaching sessions within 1 month.
  • Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn review.
  • On-call phone and email support.
  • Access to career resources library which includes eBooks, online course, spreadsheets, tools and templates.
  • Sessions are offered in-person, video or phone.


Client Feedback

Check out my Testimonials to hear what others have said about the quality of my services.

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“It is so very difficult when searching for a senior role for yourself to get competent unbiased feedback on your resume, interview technique and approach. Unfortunately, and with good reason, most recruiters cannot provide honest and direct feedback on why you weren’t chosen for a role. This makes it difficult to identify areas for improvement and take action. After struggling with a number of failed attempts to secure my desired role, I decided to seek professional help and Shireen was recommended by a colleague.

Shireen was instrumental in building my confidence in my resume, reconfiguring my LinkedIn profile and helping me identify several issues in the language I was using to communicate in interviews. She provided me with tools to assist developing my brand and coached me through a mock interview. The experience was sometimes confronting, but Shireen courageously and competently guided me to an understanding of what I was poorly projecting and how best to develop a better way to truly show my authentic self with the utmost of integrity. I can’t thank her enough for this insight and ultimately, success, in securing the role I wanted.” Client

“Shireen gave me relevant and practical insights, supporting my transition from employment to developing my own business and self marketing. I appreciate her relaxed, understanding and professional approach.” Client

“Shireen is a knowledgeable, professional and inspirational business coach I had the pleasure of working with over four sessions. Having been out of the workforce for quite some time on a career break, Shireen’s advice and guidance on areas such as the hidden job market and the importance of building networks was invaluable. In particular, Shireen’s ability to listen and really understand the matter at hand helped me to regain my confidence and really analyse the direction I wanted to take my future career. I looked forward to each session and left feeling energised and focussed. This whole process has given me the tools and confidence to focus on a different career path, something I don’t believe I would have had the ability to do had I not engaged her services. I would highly recommend her services to anyone requiring business coaching.” Client

“A couple of years ago, Shireen supported me during a recruitment process from candidate to employee with impeccable work ethics, very professional approach and delivered an outstanding service until I was well settled in my job. For the coming years, I continued following her great insight advice on employability improvements and her wealth of knowledge about job market trends and modern job hunting techniques. Recently, I have encountered some difficulties in my career progression and have sought her professional advice. As I expected, Shireen was very attentive to my concerns and provided me with very practical guidance and recommendations that did help me to regain my confidence. Also, she has significantly assisted me to improve my personal branding and Linkedin profile. I very much appreciate her approachable style and dealing with her has been a pleasure.” Client

“I would highly recommend Shireen to anyone looking to take their interview performance to the next level. As well as providing a strong sounding board to focus and refine my preparation, I found her strategies for acting with greater impact and engaging the audience to be a source of advantage. While it may have taken a leap of faith to seek out coaching in the first place, I am really glad that I did and would encourage others to step up as well. You won’t regret it.” Client

“Got the job, and negotiated an extra $5k. With the salary sacrificing options on offer, I’m very pleased with the net outcome. Thanks again for your help and support along the way! I’ll happily recommend you to colleagues and friends, and may well be in touch down the track to upskill further.” Client

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