Shireen DuPreez is the Director and Principal of Elite Human Capital.

She improves the lives of clients by assisting them to find, select, hire and retain world-class talent who are the right “fit” for their organisation.

Additionally, she helps professionals, executives and directors with preparing for and making strategic career moves into more rewarding positions.

Shireen began work in executive recruitment in 2005 at a retained executive search firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since then, she has worked in the US, UK and Australia consulting to organisations of varying sizes. This has included start-ups, US Fortune 500, ASX 100, and global multi-nationals.


Her breadth of experience demonstrates her versatility to operate across sectors and at all levels of seniority from graduate to board roles.

She is also an Author, Speaker and Philanthropist.

She has appeared in the media as a subject matter expert on executive search, recruitment, career management and the hidden job market.




Masters units in Management. Sonoma State University, California.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business. Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia.

Bachelor of Social Work. Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia.


“Shireen is someone I would highly recommend during these difficult times. Shireen is diligent, professional, personable and someone I really respect.” Stuart Forrester, Minerals Operations Director.

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Why the name Elite Human Capital?

The three words “Elite Human Capital” embody the core focus of our business which is to assist clients acquire and retain high quality talent who add value. The name also reflects our expertise with helping ambitious individuals to elevate their career.

“But ‘elite’ is a tricky word, so let’s be careful to define our terms. In this case, the elite are not the rich or the one percent or the stars of stage and screen. In the historical context, it was those with the interest in and capacity to use the scientific and mechanical ideas in the Encyclopedie. It was they who set the groundwork for growth in the coming industrial era. While they may also have been rich, that wasn’t the point.” Entrepreneurs, Economic Growth, and the Enlightenment. Written by Tim Sullivan, Harvard Business Review


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