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Boards, Companies, Organisations and High Net Worth clients

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Boards, companies, organisations and high net worth clients engage us to access talent in niche areas where specific skillsets are hard to find.

We assist you to keep workforce plans on track.

Attuned to your needs, we offer customised delivery aligned with your values and standards whilst ensuring confidentiality and complying with legal requirements for each jurisdiction. You’ll save time while I, and my team, handle the details.


– Retained executive search and recruitment for board, executive, management and technical specialist positions

– Local, national and international recruiting projects

– Talent mapping and research management

– Sourcing including building talent pipelines and talent communities

– Screening

– Interviewing

– Assessment

– Background checking

Recruitment process improvement and skills training

– Advice and training on legal considerations in recruitment

– Recruitment policy and procedure improvement

– Employer brand and high performance culture development

– Human resources advice

– Outplacement


› Reduce your hiring costs

› Improve your speed of recruitment

› Increase the quality of your new hires

› Access a flexible resource

› Protect your company brand

› Lower your risk of a bad hire

› Achieve better hiring outcomes

› Upskill your internal team and processes by working with experts

Please note: I’m retained on an exclusive basis by clients in an advisory capacity, I’m not a contingent recruiter.

To see our executive search process click here.


3box copy 2I provide 1:1 coaching and group coaching to assist you prepare for and take action toward your goals.

By working with me you’ll receive useful feedback, up to date market insights and expert career management advice geared to your needs.


– Career planning, development and management

– Executive coaching

– Detailed process information for job searching and advanced job hunting techniques to access the hidden job market

– Improving your external profiles and personal brand so job opportunities find you

– Reputation management

– Networking for career advancement

– Career coaching in person, via video (Skype or FaceTime), or over the phone

– Career transition support


› Get further faster by working with an expert

› Have a  dedicated resource helping you in the areas you most need assistance

› Objective, third party sounding board. Our friends and family are well meaning but don’t always know how to give useful feedback

› Get assistance with overcoming obstacles (real or perceived roadblocks)

› Reduce the stress of a job change

› Gain an edge in this competitive labour market

To find out about my career coaching packages click here. 

Human Resources and Organisational Development firms

3box copyCollaborating with select human resources, organisational development and other specialist firms for delivery of projects enables me to bring in additional skill sets when required.

Elite Human Capital is a founding member of the HR Alliance, which are a group of experienced HR consultants in Perth who collaborate to achieve business success and personal growth.

Visit the Partners page for more information.

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