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The Rise of the Hidden Job Market – Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) presentation

On the 10th April 2015 I presented on the topic of “The Rise of the Hidden Job Market” at the Career Development Association of Australia annual conference in Perth, Western Australia.

Power point slides:

CDAA presentation – The Rise of the Hidden Job Market



Crowd sourcing activity:

The last section of the presentation included a crowd sourcing activity with conference attendees. Small groups of 5-8 people were formed and the topic was brainstormed for 15 minutes. Here are the notes from each group who engaged in the activity.

Question: How can we help job seekers to access opportunities in the hidden job market?

Group 1

  • Help them identify their networks and prompt them about the depth of their network
  • Use LinkedIn access to build an excellent profile, follow organisations, post updates and interact
  • The hidden job market has always been there, it’s just the media that’s different
  • Getting in touch with decision makers
  • Understand all the elements of managing their reputation
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • How to deal with rejection and follow up
  • Seek a mentor
  • Attend conferences
  • Measured follow up with people in their pipeline
  • Empty out your address book and help other to gain roles.
  • Seek out opportunities for job shadowing and internships.
  • Useful sites: (personal webpage app).

Group 2

  • Education on what the hidden job market is and the implications for job search
  • The iceberg image
  • Social media presence
  • Strategies for expanding your network
  • Training on networking skills, etiquette and communication skills and follow up
  • Value proposition – what can I bring to the market? Awareness of your skills
  • Have a strategy approach

Group 3

  • Getting students out in the community
  • Canvassing employers in the area
  • Using family networks e.g. work experience
  • Putting the word out that you are seeking a job
  • Lack of networks can be a roadblock, particularly for international immigrants
  • Do your research – preparing job seekers for job search using LinkedIn and other social networking sites
  • Links and tools
  • Profiling – my career match tool
  • Includes mature age – all ages in job transitioning
  • Community groups
  • Online groups
  • A local may advertise
  • Alumni groups

Group 4

  • Tell more stories
  • Listen to more stories about how people find jobs

Group 5

  • Help clients understand the figures of the hidden job market and how they should allocate their time
  • Identify networks, sources and companies online
  • Identify companies and strategies to approach them
  • Help clients create a plan to network
  • Help students obtain work experience through their networks
  • Program called “Pathways” can be used to build a database
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Build relationships and networks
  • Using referrals from someone you trust
  • Encouraging clients to get comfortable building networks and leveraging types of networks: colleagues, friends, sports networks, church
  • Sending resumes out to people you know and ask about job opportunities and ask for referrals
  • Sharing stories of successes from networking
  • Ask potential employers for advice, not a job
  • Using LinkedIn for networking, researching potential employers, potential career pathways
  • Managing your personal brand online
  • Meet up groups with similar interest areas
  • Use address book
  • Join the Chamber of Commerce
  • Accessing alumnus
  • Community groups and cultural groups
  • Industry and professional organisations and being active
  • Inviting people for coffee catch ups
  • Informational interviews
  • Doing your research

Group 6

  • Network map – yours and others
  • Working the network
  • Identifying various parts of the network: Fellow graduates. Colleagues past and present. Friends. Professional associations
  • Direct approach and referrals
  • LinkedIn to build profile and research companies
  • Manage your reputation and social profile
  • Work experience and job shadowing
  • Look at others stories
  • Nurturing, growing and networking

Here is a PDF version of the collated notes from the crowd source activity.

The Rise of the Hidden Job Market – CDAA National Conference 2015 – Notes from crowdsource activity


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