Happy 2014! The Wish Tree and plans

Early in the new year I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney where I placed a wish on the Wish Tree at the Yoko Ono exhibition. My wish (see below) reads: “I wish all humans the opportunity to achieve their potential whilst making the earth a better place”. Yes it sounds a bit corny but it’s my contribution to the power of collective hopes and dreams. What would your wish be?


I’m back at my standing desk now engaging my career wellbeing (and wish), here’s what I’ve got planned in 2014:

Consulting + process improvement focus – My mantra of “always learning and improving” will have an emphasis on improving templates and processes this year.  Fortunately I love consulting work therefore my career wellbeing should be optimized with process tweaks along the way and result in even better relevant service to my fantastic clients, candidates and contractors. In my first book I highlighted the importance of thorough tailored processes to ensure quality hiring outcomes. When it get’s too busy it’s hard to step back and look at ways of refining day to day tasks, by setting this goal it will be a reminder.

Speaking – Last year I joined Toastmasters to lift my public speaking skills. I’m pleased to have found a helpful friendly bunch of people to develop with in 2014. You can hear me speak at the upcoming AOG Conference on Recruiting Mission Critical Talent 2014. If you are in Perth stop by and say hello.

Conferences – In addition to AOG above I’m attending ATC again in Sydney this year, hope to see you there!

Writing – Since I recently published a new book writing will take a back seat for now, let’s see when inspiration strikes again…

Lean In Circle – A colleague and I are co-moderating a Lean In circle group. Check out the resources on the LeanIn.org website it’s worth a look (so is the book). Why not start your own group?

Health – After enjoying the benefits of the Fast Diet for a few months I’ve been reading Fast Exercise and plan to incorporate more quick HIT (high intensity training) into every week.

What are your plans this year? Drop me a line… Wishing you heightened wellbeing in 2014!

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