What is the Hidden Job Market and how can you gain access to it?

As noted in two recent Wall Street Journal articles (Beware the Phantom Job Listing, and Take Your Search for a Job Offline), 50 to 80 per cent of jobs aren’t publicly advertised. Or, if a position is advertised it is more likely to be filled by a person with an inside connection.

Radical changes in the job market have occurred over the last few years, the advertised job market is shrinking whereas the hidden job market is growing. There are a number of reasons for this, including variations to the way companies now source talent.

Great candidates are being left behind because they are using out-dated methods when seeking a career move. It’s time to catch up and gain access to the hidden job market where the majority of new positions are. Read my book to find out how.

Now available for download from my website: http://www.shireendupreez.com/books/career-management.html

eBook - Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market
eBook – Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market

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