Candidate care

Employers and recruiters should be more aware that high calibre candidates often have several choices and the experience they have with a potential employer during the attraction and selection phases can make the difference between a great hire, or a loss to a competitor.

Employee value propositions and employer branding are buzz words for where companies want to improve their external image to potential candidates. The experience candidates have throughout a recruitment process is of more or less concern to employers depending on each individual company. Some manage the experience very well, others terribly.


As a recruiter I am keenly aware that my interactions with candidates also reflect on their view of my client. It is worthwhile asking yourself the question: “Is the employer brand being improved or diminished by the candidate’s experience of the recruiter and your company during the recruitment process?”

Here are some other tips in relation to candidate management:

►      Timelines – have a clear appreciation of the timeline and communicate it. Justifiably some recruitment processes can be drawn out, particularly when there are multiple decision makers and stringent selection processes. Set some expectations with the candidate up front and let the candidate know when timings change along the way.

►      Updates and touching base – keep the candidate engaged through regular communication, let them know when there are delays in the process.

►      Provide a polished candidate experience – the days of the interrogation interview under blinding lights are a relic of the past. Top-rate candidates will be left with an impression of the company from their experience during the attraction and interview stage so do your best to make that experience positive.

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