General update post

2010picThe New Year is off to a grand start with consulting work underway for the first quarter.

And my first book is nearing completion! It’s great to be working with an experienced editor in Sydney who is directing and polishing my efforts. Thanks Morris. The last two chapters need more work and overall there is further writing and editing to do yet, but it’s coming along nicely. Creating the book during the last few months has given me immense satisfaction and has improved my search expertise along the way. At this stage the title is going to be The Executive Search Process: A step by step guide to finding the right candidate. It may change prior to publishing as Morris thinks I should jazz it up a bit – we’ll see!

In addition to writing the book, I am also researching a paper on social media recruiting and social media governance. There is evidence that social media sites can be effective recruiting channels (plus I have been using social media networks for years to conduct search research), however I would like to learn more about the risks involved and effective strategies for companies, since it is still an emerging field and currently being tested.

My flights are booked for the ATC conference in Sydvegas this May. It will be an action-packed conference schedule and I hope to see fellow recruitment industry experts there.

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