Crewing at UPW – Tony Robbins, My Second Fire Walk and Other Highlights

Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) Sydney 2016 brought together 250 crew members and 4000 participants for an epic 4 day personal development journey.

The event was held at the Dome, Sydney Showgrounds from 9th – 12th September 2016.  Crew started a day earlier on 8th Sep.

Attending UPW as a participant last year had a significant positive impact on me and joining as a crew member this year was an incredibly powerful experience too.

Below is a summary of my highlights.

Being a Crew Member

“If service is beneath you then leadership is beyond you”.

This mantra set the tone for how crew conducted themselves and fostered a commitment to making the event the best it could be.

Meeting the senior leaders, event organisers and the volunteer crew was amazing. I was taught first hand what servant leadership is all about.


I was allocated to the (best, totally awesome) Mic Runner team!


Each morning began with music to keep the energy levels high!

Being a crew member enabled me to help others whilst embedding UPW learning’s even more.

Watching Tony Robbins Teach and Motivate 4000 People

Tony Robbins is a force of nature. Not only is he physically large and strong, he also emanates a positive leadership style which is infectious.

Since he’s been travelling to Australia for more than 20 years he knows how to connect with the audience (like making fun of how we pronounce words such as fear – feeyah!).


Tony’s content is useful both strategically and tactically. For example I use the triad model in my coaching practice.


Firewalking Again

I didn’t intend to fire walk again when I registered to be a crew member at UPW 2016. Even on the day of the firewalk I wasn’t going to walk on hot coals a second time. I had already proven to myself the previous year that I could be a firewalker and didn’t see the benefit in repeating it. Fortunately, when I was invited to walk I changed my mind!

Hearing the tribal drum sounds and seeing thousands of people firewalk, each in their own unique way, was unforgettable.

The second time around I knew the techniques better and felt more confident. I found it easier to ‘get in peak state’.




Enjoying Joseph McClendon III’s Presentations and Humour

Joseph has a fun stage presence and, like Tony, a magnetising quality where you want to catch his every word.

The picture of health himself, Joseph covered health matters such as health beliefs, principles of vitality and the sources of disease.

day3joseph joseph



Now I am the Voice Incantation

Tony created an incantation which he shares at UPW and it is an incredible tool to put yourself in a powerful state.

Saying the incantation “Now I am the Voice” with the crew and participants was truly phenomenal.


As I walked from my hotel closer to the Sydney Dome each day I could feel the energy rising. Warm welcomes, high fives and hugs were a wonderful way to start each day and keep energised for the early mornings to late nights.

Breathing and Managing My State

I was reminded about the importance of breath and priming each day:


It was an honour to be part of the ‘Best UPW Crew Team in the History of the Universe!’  – another favourite team catch-cry.

There were many magic moments, like seeing people conquer their fears and letting go of past emotional wounds (some decades old), the paraplegics who firewalked on their hands, the camaraderie of the crew team, finding strength within myself.


I took away lessons about leadership, compassion, coping with hardship, maintaining peak state and genuine customer service.

It’s true what they say at UPW – life will never be the same!

About the Crew Member

Shireen DuPreez
Shireen DuPreez

I’m an executive recruiter and career coach. My passion is assisting companies to hire outstanding talent and helping individuals go further faster in their careers.

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