Best Career Management Articles and Videos of 2015

I’m always on the look out for quality content for my followers and connections.

Here is a list of the best career management related articles and video’s I found in 2015, enjoy!


The No.1 Predictor of Career Success According to Network Science, Forbes

“Simply being in an open network instead of a closed one is the best predictor of career success”

I also gave a presentation on this article at Edith Cowan University, you can read my transcript and view the slides here.



How to Look Confident – 5 Ways to Appear Self-Assured, Tony Robbins

“Align your shoulders, curb the fidgeting, steeple your hands, eye contact, a firm handshake.”


I was fortunate to attend a Tony Robbins training event in Sydney, here’s a blog post about what I learned from Firewalking.


What to Do If You Feel Stuck in the Wrong Career, Harvard Business Review

What would you say to people who’ve advanced far in their career only to find that it’s not all they imagined it would be?

Pat yourself on the back for getting there, and then figure out where you want to go next. These are just phases in our lives. It’s not linear. Rethink what you’ve always thought about employment. One of my missions is to convince people that just putting one foot in front of the other in the same career is over. There’s no such thing as job security, and there never will be again.”


The Crossroads of Should and Must, Elle Luna 


What a Year of Job Rejections Taught Me About Pitching Myself, Harvard Business Review (you can tell I love reading HBR!)

“What I had failed to see was that from most recruiters’ perspectives, the market I was coming from was irrelevant.

What the report helped me do was show, not tell, my value beyond their doubts. It refocused my perceived weakness into a strength: an international perspective with the promise of understanding and entering new markets. And though none of the roles that I interviewed for in the last two months focused on expansion, by addressing and challenging the weakness, I was able to re-frame the conversation around my strengths.”


Stand Proud as a Lion With Your Accurate Resume, Shireen’s Blog.

“People will hire you when they believe you’re the lowest risk and best choice option. You’ll be hired because you’re considered likeable and trustworthy.

In the words of philosopher Augustine “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.””



Ask Better Questions in a Job Interview to Prevent Discrimination, Shireen’s Blog

“A discriminatory question is one that may exclude potential employees on the basis of sex, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibilities or family status, race, colour or national origin, religion or political beliefs, health and physical abilities or disability, age, birthplace, gender history or sexual orientation.”


The Employment Numbers That Really Matter to Job Seekers, SigFigureStart

“Interview invitations, callbacks made, meetings scheduled, leads identified, companies researched, distance to the decision-maker, time spent on your search, money in the bank, time elapse since you started.”


How has technology changed your job search? Michigan State University

“The best job search strategies combine new technologies with the old school personal approach. Expand your job search by using social networking sites to make those personal connections.”


Highlight Achievements On Your Resume, Shireen’s Blog

“…most recruitment theories are based on the premise that past performance predicts future performance. This is why employers are looking to find out about achievements not just responsibilities.”



Ask For Even More: Five Items Even Savvy Professionals Forget to Negotiate For, Forbes

“Get as many concessions as you can at the offer stage, even ones that don’t kick in till after you have joined. Are there assumptions you are making that you need to discuss openly?

There is so much more to an offer than base and bonus. What additional items have you negotiated for?”


10,000 Hours With Reid Hoffman:What I Learned, Ben Casnocha

So much to love about this very long article. Here’s some snippets:

“Reid likes to point out false choices. For example, some ask if entrepreneurs should set plans or just be ready to adapt. False choice, Reid says: they need to do both. Should you have a small number of intimate friends or a large number of looser ties? Both.

People are complicated and flawed. Root for their better angels.

Every weakness has a corresponding strength.

Reason is the steering wheel. Emotion is the gas pedal.

Trade up on trust even if it means you trade down on competency.

The people around you change you in myriad of unconscious ways. The most important choice of all is who you choose to surround yourself with.”


Companies Don’t Disrupt; People Do, AICD on Whitney Johnson

And a video on her book:


The CEO of Deloitte Australia trained for a year before her job interview, Business Insider Australia

“She approached her year-long prep like she did her marathon training.

“I was intense, I was focused and I was consistent. I created a program, I hired a profession coach, I had help from my colleagues, and I even prepared a plan for what I would do if I lost,” she said.”


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