Stop wasting time with your job search techniques!

Stop spending hours trawling job boards. Job boards are a research tool, not the sole method for getting your next job.

Quit hoping lady luck will smile on you as you paper the town with endless job applications.

And don’t simply send around your LinkedIn profile. I have seen thousands of LinkedIn profiles, only a small percentage are up to par.

Certainly a job advertisement can be useful in terms of gathering information on companies that are hiring. But remember that the competition for the few jobs advertised is so fierce the numbers are against you. Worse, you may feel as though your efforts are worthwhile, oblivious to the fact that your efforts will actually be fruitless.

Being busy is no substitution for being smart.05_graphic_TIME SPENT_2

Instead, doesn’t it make more sense to access the hidden job market where low competition and abundant opportunities exist? With the information I’ll give you in my eBook Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market, you can avoid the mistake of putting all of your eggs in the wrong baskets.

You can purchase the electronic version from Amazon here:

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