New eBook – Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market

I’ve had a productive couple of months with executive search consulting and recruitment work, as well as writing a second eBook. It was an adjustment to get back into the hang of writing, but armed with the experience of writing my first book a few years ago I have found the second time around more enjoyable!

The pleasure of writing brings with it the enrichment of learning. It reminds me of being at university as I get to spend dedicated time researching, reading and gaining new insights. I regularly visit my favourite websites (such as Harvard Business Review) to see what useful information there is to glean, and have a great excuse to buy more books from Amazon or iBooks.

My editor has been skillfully guiding the book production process and the document is nearing completion (hooray!). I am now in the throes of discussing partnership arrangements, gaining quotes from eminent people in the field and finalising graphics.

Here is the cover. What do you think?

career management book cover

Please check back regularly to my blog for a preview of what’s inside the new book and launch date.

2 thoughts on “New eBook – Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market

  1. Raffael Kellner says:

    The cover shows positive faces and the title contains strong keywords – should help to make it a very well-selling book if the content is only nearly as good as the one of your first book!
    Good luck 🙂

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