Or maybe not! Still working on my new site


Here I was thinking I could just whip up a website, upload it and walah! Not just yet.

I received the zip file from my responsive Elancers and then went looking for html editors to change some of the text. Whilst I would love a copy of Dreamweaver (who wouldn’t want a Ferrari), I wasn’t ready to make the big investment in time or upfront costs. In search of alternatives I landed on ebay, and then wondered why I would pay $4.99 for a CD of unknown software + shipping when I could just download a program – isn’t that the point of software?

My next step was to reach back into the gray matter and remember where to find software reviews, hmmm.

Back in the early 2000’s I was living in Northern California and was a volunteer webmaster for a community organisation. During that time, I also bartered a website for a beautiful piece of art by Monica Bryant www.monicabryant.com – which now hangs in my living room.

Anyhow, thinking back to my web tinkering days, I remembered a resource had been www.tucows.com. Sure enough, the site still exists and even though it has been taken over by some mega conglomerate it remains a great place to find freeware and shareware. I found “Doc’s Top 5 picks for free html editors,” watched the video demonstration and downloaded one for free! Thanks Doc.

If it wasn’t for the little perfectionist in me the new site would have been finished by now, however so long as I keep finding things to improve, it won’t be posted on the wild web this week! Maybe next week, or the week after or after xmas…..

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