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Shireen DuPreezAbout the Author

As an experienced Executive Search Consultant, Recruitment Advisor and Career Coach I have a wealth of information to offer you.

I’ve read thousands of job applications and advised hiring managers on which applications to select. Through my experience and intensive research I’ve learned the best ways to write and present a cover letter, which I now share with you in this book.

Career Management: Cover Letter Guide and Cover Letter Templates

Cover Letter GuideA well-written cover letter can increase your chances of being shortlisted, or a poorly written cover letter can be a showstopper.

When I’m reviewing applications I look first at the candidates resume and second at their cover letter. Reading over the cover letter can help me decide whether to move the application into the “Yes, Maybe or No” folder. Which folder do you want your application to go into?

With the advice in this guide you’ll have better understanding of how to increase the likelihood of your application going into the “Yes” folder.

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Praise for the ebook Career Management: Cover Letter Guide and Cover Letter Templates

“Shireen’s invaluable and extensive knowledge and expertise in this area is paramount in this ebook. I found it extremely well written, easily understood and capturing all the needful points required to improve and enhance you interview opportunities. Whether you are beginning your career or vastly experienced, this book will provide some guidance and assistance.”

General Manager

“This guide was written by a person with excellent insight on how the recruitment and selection process works. She illustrates how to combine networking and research activities in the cover letter, to maximise the chance of a successful outcome. I would recommend this guide as a must have for anyone who wishes to present themselves in a professional and competent manner.”

Project Manager

“Very accurate article, full of great insights for any candidate.”

Chief Financial Officer.

“As a student, this ebook provided me with the fundamental skills required to write a cover letter that current employers are seeking. It is both easy to read and easy to follow!”


Cover Letter Guide

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