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As an experienced Executive Search Consultant, Recruitment Advisor and Career Coach, I have a wealth of information to offer you.

You will benefit from the knowledge and insights I have gained from consulting to organisations of all sizes: start-ups to US Fortune 500 and ASX 100 companies. I’ve lived and worked in the US, UK and Australia, which brings more depth to my products and services.

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‘The Exec Circle’:

Ebook – Access the Hidden Job Market ebook

career management book cover

50 per cent to 80 per cent of job openings are never advertised.

My ebook Career Management: Access the Hidden Job Market explains practical ways to spot job opportunities, as well as get found for job openings in the hidden job market where the majority of new positions exist.

Easy to read format with full colour graphics and diagrams of important concepts to aid in your learning. Handy PDF format can be accessed on any device or computer.

Discover hidden jobs today.


‘The Exec Circle’:

Find out more about the Hidden Job Market ebook here… 

Ebook – Email Templates for Networking and to Access the Hidden Job Market

Cover - Career Management - Email Templates to Access the Hidden Job MarketNEW! Advertised positions are just the tip of the job market iceberg. To find unadvertised positions you’ll need to tap into your network and the networks of others.

My ebook Career Management: Email Templates for Networking and to Access the Hidden Job Market provides usable examples for different scenarios. There are templates for:

» Asking for advice from someone you know (three examples).

»  Asking for a referral from someone you know.

»  Asking for referrals to the contacts of someone you know.

»  Making a request to a second degree connection (a friend of a friend).

»  Sending an email to someone you met briefly at an event.

»  Cold emailing someone you had no prior contact with and whom you have no shared connection with online.

»  Making a request to be a referee.

»  Sending a thank you to a referee.

This ebook is in an easy to read format and you can copy and paste the examples to tailor them with your personal details. Handy PDF format can be accessed on any device or computer.

Increase your chances of finding out about hidden job opportunities by using tried and true templates.


‘The Exec Circle’:

Ebook – Common Interview Questions and Advanced Interview Skills

Cover - Common Interview Questions and Advanced Interview SkillsBe prepared for your next interview with this useful guide from a seasoned corporate recruiter.

There is plenty of information available in bookshops and on the web about interview skills, however few go deeper into advanced methods.

Gain instant access to:

» List of common interview questions

» Interview question types demystified (competency, behavioural, situational, technical, motivation, culture, values, leadership, communication)

» Advanced interview techniques

The information in this guide will help you succeed at job interviews.


‘The Exec Circle’:

Find out more about the Interview Skills ebook here…

Ebook – Resume Guide and Resume Templates

Cover of Career Management - Resume Guide and Resume Templates eBookRecruiter recommended resume guide and resume templates to help you get an interview.

Gain instant access to:

» A concise guide to writing or updating your resume.
» Resume templates in Word format you can download and edit.

Write and update your CV faster with this handy guide.



‘The Exec Circle’:

Find out more about the Resumes ebook here…

Ebook – Cover Letter Guide and Cover Letter Templates

Cover Letter GuideRecruiter recommended cover letter templates to help you get an interview.

Gain instant access to:

» A concise guide to writing or updating your cover letter.

» Cover letter templates you can copy, paste and tailor to each position.

Avoid mistakes and have your cover letter stand out for the right reasons by using this guide.


‘The Exec Circle’:

Find out more about the Cover Letters ebook here…

Ebook – Questions to Ask During the Job Search and Recruitment Process

QuestionstoaskduringtherecruitmentprocesscoverA quick and easy guide on how to ask better questions during the job search and recruitment process.

Asking the right questions will help you move forward in the recruitment process.


‘The Exec Circle’:

Sections are:

» Questions to ask when finding out about an advertised position.

» Questions to ask when researching positions (including in the hidden job market).

» Questions to ask before, during or after an interview.

» Questions to ask when offered a position.

Find out more about the Questions ebook here…


‘How to Get Hired Course’ and ‘Career Coaching Resource Library’

How to Get Hired Course 2.png

New online course with the essential information and tools you should have to get the right job offer.

career coaching resource library

To access the exclusive materials I provide to my career coaching clients when I work with them, when you purchase my online course you will receive the resource library as well.

Find out more about ‘How to Get Hired Course’ and ‘Career Coaching Resource Library’ as a package here…

This is the information you need to help you successfully move positions and transform your life. Take the first step today.

This is being moved to a new platform – ‘The Exec Circle’:

Ebook – Career Pivot: Match Your Job with Your Life

Cover Career Pivot Match Your Job with Your Life

If you are looking to make a career pivot you could choose to be a Business Owner, Contractor, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Employee, Portfolio Worker or Sole Trader. Whatever path you pick, what matters is finding ideal work to match your job with your life.

Market dynamics, life expectancy, personal health and wellbeing, the impact of automation on jobs, the gap between income and expenditure, lifestyle factors – these are all trends impacting on how people structure their work today and in the future.

You may be actively exploring your career options. Or you may be holding onto a full time secure job while moonlighting to pursue other work interests. Either way, this book will help you examine your choices and create an action plan to pivot with confidence when you are ready.

Coming in the future…

Career Coaching Services

Contact me for Career Coaching services such as:

  • Career transition.
  • Job search skills coaching.
  • Resume and online profile editing and feedback.
  • 1:1 expert feedback on any part of the job search process.

Free Career Resources

Click here to visit my page which has links to some free career resources including inspirational quotes and videos, podcasts, books, salary surveys, personality tests and psychometric tests.

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself…The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”

Warren Buffett

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